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We support you with training, deployment planning, operation, and IT services.

7 years of experience

Our expertise in UAVs reached back several years which gives us a thorough background to carry out your next UAV project.

Trusted Worldwide

We work with clients from various countries and regions including the USA, EU, and Middle East.

40+ projects

We have concluded over 40 projects around the world, helping both public and private organizations tackle challenges around UAV and UAV surveillance.

What we do for you


Remote ID Systems Development

We are building software systems and sensor hardware for electronic drone identification.


Deployment Planning

We analyze your environment, operational constraints and security needs and support in the concept creation and planning of complete systems.


IT Operation & Professional Services

We operate CUAV IT systems and sensor networks or assist your in-house IT team with on-premise deployments.



We offer remote and on-site training for CUAV systems’ end-users and IT administrators.


Security Consulting & Penetration Testing

We evaluate and instrument drone detection systems and offer technical advice on capabilites, limitations and best practices.


CUAV Project Management

We assist in all stages of CUAV project management from requirements analysisy though deployment until operation. 

Boris Traskov

Founder and CEO

Boris is an expert on drones. He has worked with several heavyweights from the industry and knows the field inside out. Boris keeps up with all the latest trends in drone technology and has made it his mission to make cutting-edge drone tech available for all businesses. While he loves what he’s doing, this, unfortunately, leaves him little time to fly a drone himself.

Ask him about standard or bespoke services and solutions, such as training, deployment planning, operation, and IT services. and custom system development.

We develop, the platform for easy access to state of the art drones and drone equipment.

Our Software Products

Drone Notifier App

Designed for DJI Aeroscope.
Get it on Google Play – the manual is included within the app.

Drone Monitor App

Designed for DJI Aeroscope local server with WebSDK. Get it on Google Play – the manual is included within the app.

Remote ID Data Aggregator

Identifies drones and air space situations e.g. for drone activity surveillance.

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